Rocking Chair Quilt Along: Week 6

We made it!  This is the final post for the Rocking Chair Quilt Along, because after this week you will have a completed quilt top!  Did that go by fast for anyone else, or just me?

This is also the most exciting part for me because I get to see all the beautiful quilts you made.  And as the pattern designer, it doesn’t get any better than that!

Our goal this week is to put all the pieces together and assemble the top. If you finished your sashing already, then this week will be a breeze!

My best tip for assembly is to lay everything out first.  Last week I shared my new design wall, this is great if you have the space, but the floor works just as well! You will want to keep Figure 10 handy as you lay pieces out to make sure all your rows are correct (especially if you are making the ombre version).  As with the sashing, pay careful attention to the direction of sashing strips between your blocks.  You will want an “X” shape to form with Fabric C (or Fabric A,C,E,G,I for the ombre version) at the intersection of some of the block and sashing rows.

Once you have all your block rows sewn together, my next suggestion is to use pins!  Before you connect sashing rows to block rows, carefully pin them together to make sure your seams line up.

I also like to divide the quilt in half by making the top section (Rows 1-4) and then the bottom section (Rows 5-8).  This allows me to save the longest, center seam for last.  This is a personal choice but once the quilt starts getting big, I think this makes it easier to handle.

And that’s it!  You are done!  Give your quilt top a good pressing and, voila! Make sure to share your finished tops on Instagram with the hashtag #RockingChairQAL so that we can all see what you’ve made!

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