USA Banner Tutorial

The Winter Olympics are just around the corner (didn’t we just have the Summer Olympics!?!). If you are looking for a fun and easy way to share your team spirit, this USA Bunting Tutorial is just what you need.

The best part is that it is 100% customizable, which means you can use the steps to make a banner for a birthday, holiday or any other celebration. It also helps use up some fabric, from that ever-growing scrap pile!



  • About 1/2 yard fabric, or 10 6x7in fabric scraps
  • Felt
  • Embrodiery Floss (I used DMC Pearl Cotton)
  • 1/2in wide bias tape

STEP 1: Cut fabric into 10 rectangles, each 6 inx7 in

STEP 2: Cut letters (U,S,A) and stars out of felt. I recommend drawing on card stock first to make a template for each letter and star.

STEP 3: Stitch each letter to the right side of one piece of fabric. I centered mine about 1.25 inches from the top.

STEP 4: On the wrong side of each remaining rectangle (you should have 5 left), make a mark 2 inches up from the center. Draw a line connecting this point to each corner.

STEP 5: Place one lettered rectangle right sides together with one of the rectangles you just marked. Stitch along sides and drawn line with a 1/4 inch seam. Make sure to leave the top edge open to turn right side out!

STEP 6: Trim the center triangle and corners. Turn right side out. (I also made a small snip in the top point of the triangle, but be careful no to cut the seam!) Tip: You may need to use the tip of a pencil to really poke the corners out.

STEP 7: Cut bias tape to desired length of bunting. I made mine about 65 inches. Pin flags in place, tucking them between the folds of the bias tape. I started in the center and placed each flag about 2.5 inches apart.

STEP 8: Stitch along entire length of bias tape. And, you did it!!

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